Arnold Organic

Okeechobee's Own 

Q: How long does the contract last?

A: We would like at least a week notice so that we do not order extra product. 

Q: What happens when I am going to be out of town or on vacation? 

A: Please let us know at least one week ahead of time, we can hold your share for when you return or we can cancel that share. 

Q: What if I don't like one of the vegetables this week. 

A: We will send out an email before delivery, please let us know within 2 days and we will take out the item you don't want and replace it with other produce, the application also asks for this information and we will make every effort to ensure you receive the items you like. 

Q: How do I pay? 

A: Cash or Check will be required at point of sale. 

Q: Is delivery available? 

A: Yes, there may be a fuel surcharge, please call. 

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